Change people's concept of using plastic hooks

2021-05-05 22:25

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At present, China's plastic hook processing industry still maintains a steady growth, but the growth rate has fallen by a large margin. Many low-end and medium-end enterprises are caught in the predicament of low-price competition. Many experts pointed out that enterprises must accelerate the promotion of quality upgrades and take an environmentally sustainable path.

In the structure of domestic plastic processing enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises account for the majority, most of which produce low-end plastic daily necessities. Many plastic products use poor materials and low quality. Similar products that can be used abroad for 15 years will be eliminated in less than 5 years in China. The products are not attractive and competitive. Although traditional plastic daily necessities still have a broad market, the continuous increase in raw material and labor costs has made the low-cost advantages of domestic plastic companies gradually disappear. Qian Guijing, chairman of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that the domestic plastics industry has entered a stage of "higher level and quality", and companies must focus on technological upgrading and independent innovation.

It is imperative to improve and innovate. Traditional low-end enterprises such as daily necessities can use this opportunity to promote the value of products and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise: on the one hand, efforts can be made from appearance design to increase the cultural value of products and make daily necessities a work of art; On the other hand, it can also guide consumers to develop good living habits, such as the promotion of household garbage bins, etc., and change people's concept of using plastic hook products.

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